The Best Single Page Website Design Services for your Business

One-page or single-page websites are simple websites containing a single HTML page.
Ideally, a single-page website provides enough information to help users make an informed decision. One-page designs are often used for landing pages, small businesses, portfolios, and event websites because they are fast and easy to process.


Best Single Page Website Design

A single page website is one that fits on a single page. Single page websites are fully loaded in the initial page load or page zones are replaced with new page fragments loaded from the server on demand, making the experience more continuous and fluid for the user.


I have a single page website but no leads, what is wrong?

You are running paid ads to acquire new business, but the traffic is not converting, and it is increasing your cost of acquiring a client with an ever-increasing cost per click. These are some errors that even the best of marketers do which make them lose on conversions.

Your homepage is not your single page website
Your ad copy is not in sync with your website offer.
It is difficult to find your lead generation form.
You are asking a visitor to leave your website to go on to other third parties website.
Your single page website is an information overload.
You do not measure what is converting and what is not.
Your single page website takes too much time to load.
Coding a Landing Page

You need the best single page website design service if

You are spending money on Paid Ads with low conversions

You are sending promotions on the website but fail to attract sales

You have high traffic and an equally high bounce rate on your Single Page Website.

If the above statements stand true then

It is time for you to consult with a Single Page Website Designing Company


We are the Best Single Page Designing Company

Using the latest trends in online marketing and proven results, CSTech produces single page website for businesses from scratch. The single page website encourage users to take action, such as reading further, signing up, or shopping.

Once your visitors reach your site, we strive to make them feel a sense of accomplishment. Instead of feeling disappointed, they will be inspired to view more. Our team's expertise in web design and online marketing helps us deliver affordable single page website design services. 


Why choose us as single page website design company?

We make single page website that are as unique as your business. They are created keeping in mind the kind of target clientele they have to serve and the kind of product/service you are planning to sell.

We design keeping a product in mind.
We research before we design.
We make the text copy simple and high converting.
We give preference to usability and functionality.
We target pages with right keywords.
We optimize pages for fast loading.
We remove distractions or unnecessary links from the website.
Choose CSTech as Landing Page Design Company


Our Single Page website Design & Development Process

How do we help our customers get the best and high converting single page that suits their business. 

Requirement Analysis

Send us your requirements and we will create a creative single page website based on rule-based optimization targeting, active targeting, or even social targeting.

In order for our Web Designing expert to help you create high converting Single Page Website, we collect the information needed.

Designing Wireframe

You will then be provided with the design layout of your website by your dedicated website designer.

Development Process

Last but not least, we at CSTech takes your approved Single Page Website design and converts it using HTML language, including W3C and WYSIWYG standards, loading speed, responsiveness for mobile devices, and SEO optimization. With Single Page Website Development, you can obtain perfect Single Page Website design HTML.


Features of Single Page Website

What are the different features of Single Pages designed by us.

Professional Built

Our team of skilled HTML designers can help you create Single Page Website for Google ad campaigns as well as for your website. You get a chance to choose your dedicated expert from the team.

Optimized for SEO

Understanding how Google crawls and indexes XML sitemaps, our Website designers will suggest link structures for better visibility and ranking. They are not just for PPC. 

Cross Browser Compatibility

The experts at our team of designers are also knowledgeable of popular testing tools such as Litmus and performing A/B tests manually using proven methodologies for all touch points.

Specialized Services

Our specialized designers ensure our client's projects are delivered and optimized. We ensure that the created Single Page Website are best in class and highly converting. 

Our Experience makes the Difference

Since 2003, we have worked with clients across the Globe, helping them solve the mystery of low conversions on their single page website. 

 Pages Created


Clients Served


Success Rate 


Highly Rated 


Started in 



Why is a single page website 
beneficial for your business?

Single Page Sites Provide a Better Mobile Experience  

There's no doubt that most people do their online searches on their smartphones these days, which is why one page websites are advantageous. Mobile users find that single-page sites are much easier to navigate and convert much better to mobile. 

Moreover, they load much faster than multi-page sites, which is a big plus for many users who aren't patient enough to wait longer than a few seconds for a site to load. A single page site is especially helpful for those with fat fingers who suffer from difficulty clicking on additional pages on a small device, such as their smartphone.

Single Page Sites Make It Easy to Target a Specific Audience

Websites with only one page are ideal for those who want to target a specific audience or want to give them a particular experience. With no need to worry about them clicking on multiple pages in the wrong order on your site, it's easy to steer them in the right direction.

One-page sites offer all the information you want users to access in one place, arranged in whatever order you see fit to accommodate your business. It is important to take this into consideration if you only care about targeting one or a small set of keywords.

You should realize that if you present users with information that they don't find valuable as they are scrolling through everything, you could easily turn them off. Don't forget to give your site content a purpose and to consider its placement. With haphazardly placed photos and posts, you lose the benefit of creating a single page site.

Single Page Websites Can Provide Higher Page Authority

In terms of determining how well a website ranks, links play one of the major roles. The benefit of a single page website is that every link to the site leads to the main URL.

Our Work

Latest projects that we did for Single Page Website Design

Single page created to find closest Reebok store

A single page created with geographical location of Reebok Stores to buy ZigKinetica collection of Reebok Shoes in LENA Region.

The key requirements :
Fresh Design
Google Map Integration
Optimized for Mobile
Follow Corporate Guideline
Fast Loading of Video
Lead Generation

Acquisition Sales Funnel Page for SAAS Software

A single page created for a SAAS Product to manage funnels of users subscribing to Getcalley Automatic Call Dialer Software. 

The key requirements :
Quick to load
Long-Form Sales Page
Mobile Friendly
AMP Ready
Acquire New Subscribers
High Quality Score

Single page to showcase services 

A single page created as a single page website to showcase services of a trader in Agro & FMCG Commodities Products in India.

The key benefits :
Single page website
Lead to Email
Generate Awareness
Lead Generation Form
Cross Device Compatible
Load Fast


We love our clients & They love us back

Gracious and interactive user interface design by CStech, very user friendly which took my business to great heights, professionalism and cost effectiveness are their best part.

Amlendu Dubey


Html site delivered by CSTech, very creative team & well-coordinated process to deal with client, quick response time & foremost thing is prompt delivery.

Amit Tandon



Single page website Design Packages


USD 99/-


Fully Responsive Design - Yes
Landing page programming / build - Yes
AMP Enabled - Yes
Setup of auto responders - Yes
Confirmation/Thank you page - Yes
Video Embed - Yes
jQuery interactive calls to action - Yes
SEO Friendly - Yes
Social Media Share Buttons - Yes
Live Chat Integration -Yes


GA Integration - Yes
Google Tag manager Integration - Yes
Conversion tracking code setup - No
A/B Testing Support - No


Email Automation Setup - No
Smartlook Integration - No
HeatMap Integration - No


User testing - Yes
Performance test reporting using GTMetrix - Yes


Hosting - upto 1000 visitors a day
Free SSL - Yes


Source Code Ownership - Yes
Dedicated account representative -Yes 
Support on Phone & Email - Yes
30 Days Support - Yes
Video to Automate Leads - Yes
Email Templates for Different Occasions - Yes
Monthly Reports - No


USD 249/-


Fully Responsive Design - Yes
Landing page programming / build - Yes
AMP Enabled - Yes
Setup of auto responders - Yes
Confirmation/Thank you page - Yes
Video Embed - Yes
jQuery interactive calls to action - Yes
SEO Friendly - Yes
Social Media Share Buttons - Yes
Live Chat Integration -Yes


GA Integration - Yes
Google Tag manager Integration - Yes
Conversion tracking code setup - Yes
A/B Testing Support - Yes


Email Automation Setup - Yes
Smartlook Integration - Yes
HeatMap Integration - Yes


User testing - Yes
Performance test reporting using GTMetrix - Yes


Hosting - upto 5000 visitors a day
Free SSL - Yes


Source Code Ownership - Yes
Dedicated account representative -Yes 
Support on Phone & Email - Yes
30 Days Support - Yes
Video to Automate Leads - Yes
Email Templates for Different Occasions - Yes
Monthly Reports - No




Fully Responsive Design 
Single Page programming / build
AMP Enabled
Setup of auto responders
Confirmation/Thank you page
Video Embed 
jQuery interactive calls to action
SEO Friendly
Social Media Share Buttons
Live Chat Integration


GA Integration
Google Tag manager Integration
Conversion tracking code setup
A/B Testing Support


Email Automation Setup
Smartlook Integration
HeatMap Integration


User testing
Performance reporting (GTMetrix)


Free SSL


Source Code Ownership
Dedicated account representative
Support on Phone & Email
30 Days Support
Video to Automate Leads
Email Templates for Different Occasions
Monthly Reports


USD 149/-

USD 99/-




















upto 1000 visitors a day










Frequently Asked Question

Are there design packages for Single page website?

Yes, we offer single page website design packages. On this page are listed the designing packages available to you. We will work on the price if you let us know your bespoke requirements.

Is there a possibility of multiple single page website design options?

Surely, your designer will offer you a few options to choose from for your single page website design.

What if I am not satisfied with my single page website's final output?

There's no need to worry; your hard-earned funds are safe with us. Our designing and development process is organized to eliminate such risks, and we make sure you are informed at each stage about how your websites designes are coming along.

Can I access my single page website on any browser?

You can ensure cross-browser compatibility for your single page website, as our experts comply with rigorous tests across popular browsers such as Internet Explorer 7, Safari, and Firefox.

What is the average time it takes to build a single page website

The turnaround time for the project implementation will be determined based on the requirements.

Is it possible to add videos to my single page website?

The answer is yes. In addition to images, YouTube Embed lets you add videos and webinars to your single page website.

Do you design single page websites for product?

Our team can assist you with creating creative services based single page websites and product based single page websites.

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