Why landing page is needed?

The Landing Page is specifically for Call-To-Action and making conversions. But still, you are not able to do it.

Every time you fail in the conversion graph or not up to the mark you set?

Is your Landing Page lacking something important?

Every viewer of your page on your landing page has different needs. Each one of them visits with some of the other pain points. 

Many are ready to purchase while others barely know about your page, product, or services.

The Landing Page has the capability to convert your cold customer into hot clients that can boost your sales and make the conversions higher.

And the main problem is that the landing page has one purpose and that is also not working. 

We are here with six popular reasons that could be liable for no conversions and a few tips to fix them permanently.

Visitors don’t trust you

Assume yourself walking down the street, and all of a sudden, a stranger asks about your contact number or email address. Will you give instantly without knowing anything about him? 

Hopefully, Not! Similarly, when you send a form to fill by your web page’s visitor, he would not be comfortable giving his personal details while filling the lead form. 

It could be just their email, but still, why would they? So, to avoid these unnecessary discrepancies, you need to build trust with your viewers. 

Interaction is the best key to get more comfortable with your viewers. 

Introduce yourself, your brand, your products, or your services. Try to interact through live chat or blogs.

All of these create a strong connection between you and your lead.

Slowly and steadily, the audience will start trusting you and can make a smooth conversion.

Deliver the same what you have told them. Always remember action works more than words. Meet beyond expectations to your visitors.

You have too many distractions

Your landing page is a display of your brand and its products or services, not Wikipedia.

Does it possess: 

Several CTAs?
A properly placed navigation bar? 
In-line links?

If Yes, then remove it. These are not boosting your leads, rather ruining your impression on clients and giving them the reason to leave the page.

According to Hick’s Law, the more choices you offer to the visitor, the more time they decide, and mostly they leave with no clicks at all.

Just get rid of pushing pop-ups, Whatsapp, Live Chats, Subscription of Emails, Social Proofs, Browser Notifications, etc. 

It might generate lesser leads, but those leads would become frequent shoppers. Those will stick to your brand forever until and unless something significant does not happen.

Your words don’t match

You have created an ad showing a glimpse of a piece of promising detailed information to offer more quality. It includes the style, tone, design, and language. 

When your visitor clicks on an ad and reaches to the landing page, he observes that the given information is not relevant to what he thought before clicking or what it should be.

When this misleading happens, people return just before getting converted as they feel disappointed.

Thus, people avoid using these kinds of misleading websites to save their time. It breaks the trust of your visitor also.

In short, Cold Traffic Conversions expectations mismatch with the buyer persona.

Your annoying CTA

People are using Call-To-Action (CTAs) to increase the conversion rates that have become unclear like,

“Buy now”
“Download now”
Or the most common: “Submit”

Now, all of these are asking to download it or submit your details. But, your audience does not know the reason for that. 

The viewer does not know for what, why they need to give their details, what they would receive in return, etc. CTAs won’t provide any information on return expectations. 

No urgency, do when you feel free

You are offering good discounts, but what is the hurry? They can do it later whenever they will be free and feel like they will act on it some other time. 

But the bitter truth is if they do not come back or do not revert later. 

The first visit could be the last visit to your visitor on your landing page. So, it would be best if you convert them at the same time of their first visit.

Limit your visitors with time to go faster for sure. Mostly deadlines encourage the audience to take action. 

Therefore, creating urgency is a good persuasion technique that gives better results through conversions.

But the bitter truth is if they do not come back or do not revert later. 

Reminders via time sensitivity : “Sign up now to get a free Demo.”
Offers for a limited time : “Available for next 12 hours!” (Here, countdown works as wonder)
Show scarcity of Stock : “Only three spots left for a free webinar.” 

The page is fantastic; the offer is not convincible

The visitor does not care if you have invested a lot of time and money in creating your page, every layout, designs, fonts, colors, etc. Until and unless if he does not want an offer, the conversion will not happen.

When you try to sell your brand or your company instead of the features or benefits to your audience, no conversions take place. 

The viewer wants more benefits with good qualities; he does not want to buy your brand or company. 

The value of an offer and content should be high. 

Before displaying your landing pages to your visitors, build credibility with highlighted expertise.

Keep in mind that if your offer or content does not carry a value, the visitor will not sign up at that condition.


There could be more reasons but do not try to change all the things at once. 

Do the A/B test to get the proper track of different elements on your landing pages.

You can go for Scroll trackers, eye trackers, heat maps, and others. 

In a survey, it is found that companies who did more tests are higher in conversion rates.

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