Get a profession website designed for your business FREE of cost!

As the Best Website Designing Company we help our clients tell their business stories creatively. We help them build a website that is engaging thus generating more leads, opportunities and deals for your business.
Guess what, we do all of this at ZERO COST.

Are you planning to build a website using a DIY tool or have you already started building a website by your own?

A website design is much more than just the looks and feel. It’s more about how it functions and offers information to the visitors. DIY Tools offers you to create a website just to display the information, but they don’t add up to the buyer’s journey also leading to more conversions.
CSTech being the best website designing company could help yo creating a professional website to start your business website and that too free of cost.

When undertaking a Web designing Project, we focus on the reasons that matter’s your decision?

While starting up with your project, we focus on the reasons why you should create a website for your business.
It takes less than 10 seconds for the visitors to decide whether they want to stay on your website or visit someone else's. If your current website (which does not looks professional) is ineffective of fulfilling all of your online marketing objectives, then you need to go with designing a professional looking website.

  • What is the core purpose of getting this website for you?
  • Where are the problem areas which are causing the website to fall short of your expectations?
  • How can we make changes to the website so that it starts performing to its optimum?
  • What is wrong with the customer journey, and how we can correct it. We want them to generate a lead on the website.
  • How can we make your website load faster, convert better, and look fabulous?

Is your website representing your business correctly?

A website is a sales agent who works 24 X 7 and 365 days a year without getting tired or putting up complaints. It is our responsibility that it looks good, fresh and up-to-date. If it’s not updated then it looks stale and tired, your customers can surely make that out.

Be Simple . Be Crisp . Be Fast

Why offer the project to us?

A website design does not mean stuffing the website with cool graphics and text; this is what many web designing companies do as on date. At CSTech, we focus on the core reason for a website redesign.

To be successful in a website designing project, we ensure that your website is suitable for usability and looks simultaneously. We guarantee you a delivery of your website within 2 days of signup provided we get all your content & domain details.

You need to design your website because


of your website visitors will leave your website in case it has a poor UI or UX design.


of your website visitors will make a purchase decision on basis of your website. 

$ 1.73 Billion

is the annual revenue lost due to a slow-loading business website globally. 

THEY ARE not going to pinch zoom your website

What does ZERO Cost Imply 

We do not charge anything from you for the designing of your project.

Just pay a nominal fee for the hosting space subscription and we’ll streamline things for your.
To get started, just pay $2 as the initial fee and we’ll start the work.

Pandemic 2021

The pandemic still continues in the year 2021 and it has changed the way the buyer plans his shopping habits. Since everyone is working from home and prefers to shop their requirements via online platforms, it’s high time and you should consider enhancing your business by stepping into the world of digital commerce.

If you don’t consider enhancing your business, you might loose your valuable customers to your competitors which are difficult to regain.

To be able to get started, we’ll need a few information from you:

  • Your domain name
  • Your business profile
  • Address & Contact details
  • Images
  • Any other information that you wish to display on the page.

Our Website Design Services Include...

Being the Best Website Redesigning Company, we at CSTech focus on ways by which we can improve the bottom line of a business. According to a target clientele, we do competitor analysis to understand how we can get you more traffic and eventually leads that convert for your business.

Do not let your website get outdated or older; checkout different website design services we have to offer for your business.

Corporate Website Design

You might be in business for long but your website should not look old. Redesign to convert more. 

Ecommerce Website Design

If you have an ecommerce store that is not selling then what is the point of having one. 

Landing Page design

Users land on to your page but are you converting or just burning cash. Let us help you. 

Wordpress Website Design

We transform your imagination to reality thru our specialised team of Wordpress WebSite ReDesigners.

CMS Website design

If you use a Custom CMS, worry not our team of web developers can redesign UX on them. 

Mobile Website design

Google takes Mobile First to index your website. Is your website mobile responsive.  

Industries we serve

Our website redesign team are experts in developing innovative solutions for clients in a wide variety of industries and verticals.

Travel & Tourism

Real Estate Industry

Online & Overseas Education

Manufacturing & Industries

Legal & Financial Services 

Fashion & Apparels

Grocery & Daily Supplies


Retail & Ecommerce

Professional Business

Food & Restaurants

Why do you need to design your website?

Are you facing challenges in targeting new customers or meeting your marketing goals? To be able to enhance your market presence, you need a business website that will visually & functionally improve your user experience.

User Friendly Designs

User behaviour on a website changes with time and technology available to their help. A user today wants an easy access of information without the need of him jumping through the pages to find one. 

Search Engine Friendly Presence

With search engines constantly evolving in the way they index, rank or profile your website you need to be designed with the latest strategies and technology to be at par with them. After all your website is created to attract more leads. 

Mobile Friendly Approach

Your website might look pleasant on desktop but does it looks well on a small screen of a mobile phone or tablet. Does it loads slowly or disrupts user experience. Did you know that search engines favour websites that are mobile friendly. 

Fresh Look & New Tech

What was in trend last summer is now out of fashion. Gone are the days when you had those 3D looking or flashy designs. Today the users expect a Flat Design with faster loading designs at their disposal.

Our Website Design Process

We analyse and plan for every step of your website design project so that you do not loose on your seo benefits when you launch a new website. 

Retaining rankings of your existing website in the search engines is of prime importance when revamping a large scale website redesign project. We plan for that right at the beginning ensuring an audit of the ranking keywords and links to your websites. As the project goes live we ensure that the link juice to the existing pages is passed on to new pages correctly. 

Our Website Designing Works

Latest projects that we did for Design Website Services

good weave


We revamped website for Good Weaves India. An NGO that supports Informal Workers & Artisans. 

amit tandon

CELIBRITY comedian

A re-designed website for celebrity comedian Amit Tandon. Body of work for a Standup Comedian. 


Heritage Hotel

Website designed for Boutique Heritage Hotel in Bhainsrorgarh Rajasthan. It is a heritage fort converted to a hotel. 

Our Website Redesigning Works

Latest projects that we did for Re-design Website Services

Living Room

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Kids Room

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What our customers say about us?

Amlendu Dubey 


Gracious and interactive user interface design by CStech, very user friendly which took my business to great heights, professionalism and cost effectiveness are their best part.

Amlendu Dubey
Amit Tandon


Html site delivered by CSTech, very creative team & well-coordinated process to deal with client, quick response time & foremost thing is prompt delivery.

Amit Tandon Comedian

Is your website shunning your customers away?

Does your customers on an eCommerce website come and abandon from buying on your website. Do they just leave and buy the same product from a competitor website then for sure you need to relook at your website usability design.

Our Website Design Articles 

Things to Consider when Hiring a Website Redesign Company for Redesigning your website
Top 10 Reasons why your website needs a Redesign in 2021?

Tired of your old website

Let us redesign your website so that it provides justice to your brand. A good website will be your gateway to a successful and lead generating online presence. Reach out to us for a Free Consultation. 

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