The term ‘Landing Page’ itself explains as the page on which you land after clicking on any link or ad.

It could be landed upon the landing page of the same website or another website.

For instance, we are discussing here the landing page in the Digital Marketing Industry.

The landing page is the main featured page specifically created for the advertising or marketing campaign.

On the same page, a viewer or a visitor lands after reacting to an AdWords ad or any link.

These are specially created to aim at a single focussed objective called CALL-TO-ACTION (CTA).

It symbolises different meanings as well; these could be:

First impression on your visitor
Organised, Clean, Focussed, and Simple.
Specific information for the target audience.
Clear yet conversational, concise, and vibrant.
Value, conversion, leads, trackable, destination.

The landing page allows us to connect and get converted. The standard conversion goals are:

Newsletter Signup
Sales Enquiry
Petition Signature
Product Sale
Job Application

All of these are singular actions.

Who is going to be your target audience?

The importance of landing pages is because of lead generation, higher traffic, and conversion. To get any of these three, you have to target the primary audience to form a useful landing page, leading to developing a “Buyers Persona.”

What is a Buyers Persona? How could it be created?

Buyers Persona defines the personality of a set of people who are similar in some or other interests. It includes motivation, likes, income, demographics, method of interaction or contact, etc. They are the characters who are living in your stories of Digital Marketing.

Questions that create a Buyers Persona:

Who is the visitor?
What does he do?
Where will he find us? Where does he belong?
Why would he think of our organization?
How will he get converted from a visitor to our client?

We will start with the last two essential questions. The audience can easily find you through:

Google AdWords
Email Marketing
Facebook Ad
Retargeting Campaign

But, the audience will not always need to come from any of these sources. They can interact through other ways also.


If you understand how they can find you and know the lines to make the conversion, you are ruling over the throne of marketing gold. 

To understand the layers, the personality of a user includes:

Goals : What do they want to attain from your landing page or by visiting your landing page?
Expectations : How do they anticipate their whole journey before, now, and later as reaching on the landing page?
Motivations : What kind of problems do they want you to find solutions for?
Behavior : What is running in their mind, what is their state of mind at that time? How will the interaction take place with your landing page?

You cannot generate action effectively until and unless you cannot encourage your user to take action.

How should a user perform on visiting your landing page?

The focus of a landing page is only on a singular conversion goal.

Analyse an ad before it gets created or earlier than the launch of a landing page. The landing page should fulfil the same purpose.


First of all, remove everything that is not a part of an ideal landing page. It includes:

Extra text or images
Too many distracting elements like designs.
Unwanted links (Not promoting the conversion goals)

You must have an understanding that the whole team should be one for conversion goals.

Here are a few points that are contained by an efficient landing page:

Simple words with easy content
Lesser distracting designs and navigations
A mandatory Call-To-Action

Avoid being more distractive, as the internet is already worse.
And then keep in mind that the audience is landing on your page through something that sent them there, most probably an ad.

A Persistent User Experience

Does the landing page mesh, whatever sent to them?

Do you message regularly with respect to the message on an ad?
Does the design also consistent all the time?

Is the landing page working as expected?

When on mobile, is it supporting the user as mobile-friendly and responsive to it?
Does it accessible to all appropriate browsers?
Does it work effectively to provide the conversion goal when there is no animation or any video?

The success of a landing page depends upon the testing.
Errors happen and make no conversion, a Lil bit.
But testing improves everything and makes the purpose of a landing page successful and worthy.

CTA: Call-To-Action

CTA is a significant step to play a role in the landing page. So, it should be spontaneous. Go with the process through the following questions:

Does the audience understand what they are grabbing?
Does the process accessible to get it?
What would be the next step to proceed further?

To dig deeper into understanding the differences between success and failure, think about the conversion and each step taken throughout the conversion process.

To succeed through the conversion, think from the user’s point of view. Questions that will help are

In how many areas, the form will be there to fill?
Would they quickly and easily fill the form?
What would be the process to continue?
Does the audience fulfill their expectation instantly with no hustle?
Is there any step missing out?
What are other unnecessary steps you can delete?

Each step should be analyzed and strategic. Nothing is for granted, so reveal everything to uncover.

Stick to the quality of a UI experience as per a user’s perspective.


Initially, you won’t be able to track the success steps. Yes, Of course, everybody wants more leads, more clicks, more subscribers, more sales following by more clients. You have worked so hard to reach for a primetime. But, how will you come to know whether the implemented steps are doing well as our expectations or not?

Let’s go for a quantifiable way; then it would be:

1,000 fresh subscribers
100 fresh sales
25 fresh attendees

Please make your goals attainable, more realistic, and achievable within a time limit.

You can take the help of some tools that can easily track your conversion step by step:

Google Analytics
Client Relationship Management (CRM)
Email Service Provider

All of this information works as a secret weapon to succeed over the Landing Pages in the Digital Marketing Industry.

Skyrocket Conversions on your PPC Campaigns

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