Top 10 Reasons why your website needs a Redesign in 2021?

 By Manish Gupta 

 January 11, 2021 


If you have a website with broken links and missing content, you will need to address the issue via website maintenance or a website redesign service.

 Your Website Has Broken  Links And Gives 404 Error


Check the user journey on your website, the pages with most entrances, why they are not converting, and why you have a high bounce rate.

 Low Conversions &  Missing Analytics 


An outdated website will give your competition an unfair advantage as your potential customers. Benchmark your competitors both in the real and digital world.

 Stay ahead of your  competition 


An outdated website will, for sure, not rank well in search engines. Why? for a simple reason, search engines need your help to rank you better, you need to help them to rank you better...

 Visibility In Search  Engine 


Good navigation, fast loading, and better readability of text with a Flat design is something a user craves for in the current time. Make their experience enjoyable...

 User Experience, Not The  User Interface 


Modern technologies are focused on optimizing, compressing, and security. Keeping your website updated keeps it fresh and optimized for your potential customers and search engines.

 Outdated Technology 


The security of your website and your customer data is an essential part of your online business. Else, they will rank you lower in ranking but even show your website as insecure to the visitors.

 Security Of Your  Website 


The latest technologies not only help in loading the website faster; it even improves user experience. It allows you to add new functionalities and more comfortable ways to showcase your best products to the customers.

 The Site Structure


Things like these create a negative impression for your customers and search engines. Using cms software to redesign your website so that you can keep your content updated at all times is recommended.

 Outdated Content


If your website is not optimized or compatible with mobile phones, then you are losing a massive chunk of visitors browsing on mobile and leaving big cash on the table.

 Mobile-First Approach

A website redesign is not just a change in the way it looks, but in the way it converts...

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