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E-Learning, CBT & WBT
    Computer Based Training, Web Based Training, Knowledge Base systems
The success of Web based training (WBT) and Web based performance support system (WBPSS) projects depends on fulfillment of all steps of the development process, from conception to implementation and evaluation.
  Client needs analysis
Determine what the client wants to accomplish with WBT (web based training) or WBPSS. What are the explicit outcomes of the project? Will the product provide individual instruction while cutting training costs? Will it replace or supplement existing training? Does the client want to integrate training into a larger information system? What will this project cost? As a result of intense client contact, this needs analysis delineates client needs and outcomes that satisfy those needs. It is at this initial stage that the developer and client must decide if web based training (WBT / WBPSS) is the best choice.
Tasks/user analysis
What exactly does the user/learner need to know to perform on the job? Should the training improve skills, knowledge, and/or attitudes? What components of an informational system should be accessible to the user to improve job performance? What are the range of existing computer skills and educational levels of the target users? The tasks/user analysis probes each of these questions thoroughly to understand exactly how to structure web based training (WBT/WBPSS) to meet the users needs.
Technical analysis
Often, the first questions asked concern the clients and users computing resources. Unfortunately, sometimes this is the focus for project development. The purpose of the technical analysis is to establish the baseline technical capabilities. Most appropriate is to define, with the client's assistance, a baseline projected to the time of implementation and including capabilities added expressly for this project. For example, the client may be installing fiber optic networks and wants to use multimedia to take advantage of the increased network speeds. From the technical analysis the "toolbox" of technologies can be defined. The instructional designer will then design the course or performance support system to take advantage of technological capabilities in an instructionally sound way.
Interface design
Interface design is one of the most critical phases of the development process. The user interface must provide all the features needed for the user to navigate the application as intuitively and transparently as possible. User-centered design dictates that the interface provide features that allow the learner to control the learning process. The client may request features that should be discussed thoroughly at this phase. This will help minimize "feature creep" which can destroy an interface design and derail a project in later phases.
The user analysis should define the range of user computer experience so that the interface designer may choose design elements most appropriate for the target users. Interface designers best understand the complex, non-linear way learners will use the product. Interface designers work with instructional designers and client representatives to define metaphors and the interface to support those metaphors and, if necessary, mesh with established client design standards. The result of the interface design process is a dynamic prototype interface ready for testing.
Usability testing
Test the interface on real end users or those with similar skill and knowledge levels. Through careful observation, scientific analysis, and subjective evaluation the effectiveness of the interface can be determined. Most likely, this is an iterative process requiring testing, refinement, and more testing. The tested interface prototype becomes the basis for template and technical standards design.
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