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ipad friendly website design services
This is a wake-up call as a website design company or as a website owner that iPad has not only changed the mobile phone industry, it also has changed the way people search the information on internet and surf websites. A touch-sensitive screen, a fast processor, and fast network connectivity provides a web browser experience that is much closer to the desktop experience than a Smartphone.
Significant numbers statistics have been released by Google about the usage of the iPads searching the internet and visiting websites. People not only use their iPads for searches, but also view websites , make purchases, shopping on the phone. With the numbers of people visiting your website from an iPad touch growing in manifolds day by day, opportunities to show these visitors targeted content are becoming increasingly valuable.
With the increase in mobile devices that support Internet browsing, the number of websites geared for mobile devices has increased dramatically, and will even more so in the next few years. It is safe to say that iPad Friendly Websites will be standard; especially considering the trend and revolution came in the field of mobile industry.

What is an iPad Friendly Website ?

iPad is an extension of your current website that is formatted differently to display your websites content on feature-rich mobile web pages that are optimized and easy to read on your iPad.

Why do you need an iPad Friendly Website ?
As the number of users visiting your website from iPad touch growing each day and everybody being used to access information fast and on-the-go it is crucial to make your website compatible for iPad viewers. If your website is not iPad friendly you are falling behind right now, or, you are already out of the game especially if you have Flash components or an entire flash website which cannot be seen on iPads and does not support plug-in such as Flash or Java.
  1. Flash Websites do not show on iPad websites!
    If your website is built in flash, iPad users will not be able to see it at all. Any navigation elements embedded audio and video, or banner ads written in Flash or Java will not appear.
  2. HTML Websites with Flash Elements:
    The flash elements will not be seen at all! Some websites have navigation menus in flash which disables your website all together because you can't navigate thru pages.
  3. Only HTML Websites:
    In this case you might be lucky and your website will show, but most likely you will need to zoom into every page and move content left and right, up and down to even read the full content.
How do we design an iPad Friendly Website
One of the most important things to consider when designing an iPad friendly website is how to structure the interface of your web application. It’s all about touch, and it needs to be obvious for the user as to how and when to interact with your website. iPad Friendly Website design requires different techniques for iPad devices with emphasis on bigger buttons, slimmer forms, no hover, fast loading, low overhead themes. Animations will need to be light, with video offerings optional

What do we do to make your website IPad Friendly
  1. Fluid Width Design of the sites
  2. Adaptive CSS – Uses multiple CSS styles for different configurations and devices. Another is going for an adaptive content that changes according to the screen resolution.
  3. There is NO Fold: Vertical or Horizontal - The website need not look the same on every platform so we have included Style Sheets for iPad to keep in view the No Fold Policy. In the landscape mode the touch interface makes it very natural to browse sites that display content horizontally
  4. Instead of Flash using HTML5 – We are using HTML 5 instead of Flash as iPad does not support plugins such as Flash or Java. Any navigation elements embedded audio and video, or banner ads written in Flash or Java will not appear.
  5. Implementing navigation elements with standard AJAX techniques
  6. Using iPad Orientation CSS
  7. We are using iPad Website extension it would become visible immediately and you could display targeted content of your choice to coming visitors
  8. You will be getting WordPress Themes Ready for iPad Websites
  9. Adjusted Viewport settings
  10. We make it flexible - You can have one stylesheet for the iPad and other mobile devices, one for desktops and so on.
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