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Website Development
    CSTech, website development company Delhi are experts in eCommerce website development and custom website development
Custom Website development is one of our specialties at CSTech. As an ecommerce website development company, we create websites that download quickly, have clean images and easy site navigation.
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There will be times when a website development project goes awry. More often than not, the fault lies not with the technical expertise of the involved parties, but rather with the communication between all the people attached to said project. A dependable website development company will not only have an experienced website development team,
but also a proven method of handling the development of a website from its inception to the final rollout. Without a specific timetable and task list, you would go into a website development project blindfolded with no sense of direction.
Website Development is no simple, straightforward line that goes from beginning to end. Development of a fully operable, commercial website will run into many obstacles before the goal is reached. Without careful navigation, a multitude of factors can go wrong, and the resulting increase on overhead or dispute between website development company and client can negate the entire process. As a custom website development company, we here at CSTech, have taken careful steps in coming up with a website development plan that promotes an orderly way of website development, along with clear communication between all the channels to ensure that we are building your website, not ours.
  Our website development plan consists of five sessions, each with its own distinct goals:
  Communication Session
During this session, we consult with you on the scope and timeframe of the website development project, getting explicit instructions down to the smallest detail. Agreement between our website development company and yours on what the function, necessities, and content of the website is the most important factor.
We want to know what direction our website development team is headed in, and that you fully understand what we are about to do for your company. All the necessary resources and requirements for the entire website development project will be discussed and agreed upon here as well. Most of the communication will be managed by e-mails.
Session Goals:
  Come up with timetable for the length of the website development project
Estimation of the cost of your custom website development.
Summary of your business needs and priorities, and how the custom website development will satisfy them.
Initial draft of the custom website development plan.
  Blue Print Session
At this time, all prices, timeframe, and resources needed for your website development should be ironed out and agreed upon by both parties. The website development team will start to work on thinking up the conceptual designs and custom website templates
that will later become the foundation upon which custom website development will happen. You will be given general ideas of how we envision your website to turn out via reports and briefs.
Session Goals:
  Revised website development plan with more details of the website development process and website development procedures written in
Brief on the technical aspects of website development
Brief on the design layout on your website
Outline of the content to appear on the pages of your website
  Visualization Session
Every masterpiece begins with an idea, and the development of every website starts with a spark of creativity from our website development staff. To find the look that will best illustrate your company, we envision the translation of your company products and values into
a custom layout and design. Everything about your custom website development, from icons, to the color scheme, will be cautiously thought out and tested to assure relevance, compatibility, and quality. Short term website development goals such as pleasing visuals and dynamic content are taken to heart, but so are long term website development goals such as updating complexity and loading time for the website. We want you to approve our prototype before we move one step further in the website development process.
Session Goals:
  Graphic interface templates and samples
Flow chart of your overall custom website development, from the Home page to the Feedback page.
  Content matrix- proposed content for each specific page of your site.
Testing/Prototype website uploaded on our server for your private review and feedback.
  Support Session
Once we reach this final destination in the website development process, you are presented with your finished custom website, and we go over the functionality and features within it. Our website development team answers any questions you have about operating the website, and can make any last-minute changes or
additions at your request. Depending on your website development plans, we can move forward into a website maintenance program for your custom website, or simply hand it over to your company.
Session Goals:
  Our client's complete satisfaction!
Consultation of website maintenance
  # Skills and Technology
Merely navigating the Web is an arduous task in itself. Programming and developing a custom ecommerce website for navigation on the Internet is ten times more difficult. Custom ecommerce website development takes technological know-how, strong teamwork, and exact attention to detail in
order to put together a custom ecommerce website. A well-made automobile, or any product for that matter, is never produced by accident. It is the direct result of a single person or team with vision, drive, and the means to achieve the goal. The same can be said of the websites created by CSTech Website Development Company.
We do not depend on any type of luck or "accident" for our website development. Everything is meticulously planned in advance and the website development team carefully selected to give balance and focus to the website development project. All staff members of CSTech website development company are among the best and brightest in their respective fields, from HTML to Java. Since our inception in 2000, CSTech website development company Delhi has continuously improved and excelled in the newest applications and programming languages so that our clients will always have finished websites that are current and highly advanced.
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