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Mobile Friendly Website Design
By worldwide numbers, mobile devices outnumber computers. If not every phone has the capability to access the Web, but the turnover rate for mobile phones is higher than the turnover rate for desktop devices. Web users have various means of accessing the internet nowadays and a PC is no longer mandatory for a web browsing experience. Nowadays, smart phones and tablets are used increasingly for web access. They offer convenient options to browse the Internet with latest generation models that are advanced, and offer users an almost PC like web usage experience.
Google’s Android is the most well-known and prominent Smartphone platform among subscribers. Android users are quickly outpacing every other platform in the market due to the wide variety of phones available that are using the Android operating system. A majority of the Smartphone’s used for web access run on Android OS. Many Business owners have shifted to Android app development owing to an increasing Android user base.
Android was built from the ground-up to enable developers to create compelling mobile applications that take full advantage of all a handset has to offer. Android phones are picking up next to the iphone, thanks to their apps available. Your current website can be optimized directly to work on Android phones. Android phones are of different types, right from keypad to touch screen, so exceptional care has to be taken for smooth UI, and quick browsing. Skim the fat on your website to make it mobile friendly.
Are your websites accessible to your customers on their smart phone devices? It could be a nightmare to your potential customers to visit your web site that are NOT mobile friendly. Making sure that your website is mobile phone friendly, being able to access your website on a mobile phone is key.

Do you have customers on the go?
Well rest assured that with a mobile friendly website Design by CSTech, your website is only a touch away. No matter the platform. Smart Phones are changing the landscape of business, and human connections. Be at the head of the pack and make sure that your business is ready for the next generation in communications as more and more businesses are investing in Android application development to reach the ever increasing number of Android users.

Our mobile friendly website development team is experienced in the mobile application development space and are well conversant in developing varies custom mobile applications such as communication, multimedia, and business apps using Android SDK and API. We offer an extensive range of Android application development that varies from simple Android games to complex enterprise level Android applications.

Various features included in our Mobile Friendly Website design Services are as below:
  1. Designing for Seamlessness - In short, you should strive to develop an application that interacts seamlessly with the system and with other applications
  2. Applying Styles and Themes
  3. Design Your UI to Work with Multiple Screen Resolutions
  4. Don't Assume Touch screen or Keyboard
  5. Do Conserve the Device Battery
  6. Web Pages Adaptation Engine for Mobile Devices
  7. QR (Quick Response) Mobile Codes are an odd looking symbol, but can be used to quickly connect anyone with a smart phone to your website, Facebook page, or anywhere that helps generates leads.
Most mobile devices are built to display web pages in true form but are not built to optimize the display and functionalities of the pages considering the diminished screen size of the mobile devices compared to the personal computer. Our Mobile friendly Website Design Services can help you optimize your current website for easy mobile viewing of your company information and services. Making your web application easily accessible on different mobile platforms and through different technologies makes your web application more user-friendly and ensures the best mobile usage experience for your customers.

We can provide you the solution to take advantage of this fast growing market and design you a mobile friendly website to reach your audience.

Our Android application development can assist you in the following areas:
  1. Communication android application
  2. Social Networking android application
  3. Multimedia android application
  4. Travel android application
  5. Map and navigation android application
  6. Utility android application
  7. Business/Office android application
  8. Security android application
  9. Educational android applications
  10. Media & Entertainment android applications
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