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Ecommerce Website Design
    Ecommerce Website Design Company India
eCommerce Website is a "simple-to-use" yet very effective way to promote and sell your products and services. By using eCommerce Websites and the power of the internet, eCommerce Website can improve the way you do business while saving money on expensive printing costs.
Imagine providing your current and potential customers with a CD ROM or e-mail catalogue that when opened allows them to immediately be able to order your products and receive relevant information such as new pricing and new products by clicking on the "Update Button" on their catalogue. This will allow orders to be sent directly into your eCommerce Website "Vendor Module Facility" for review and account management, these orders can also be directed to your warehouse location and confirmation of your customer's orders can be confirmed.
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  Time, Money and a Lack of Information!
  The Problem
When customers come to your Ecommerce website and think that they might be interested in your product, they want your complete catalogue and price list immediately. However, if you send a paper catalogue by mail, there is a time lag between the time the customer requests the catalogue and when you can have it sent. By the time the customer gets your catalogue, the customer may have already decided on another brand and made their purchase.
Hard copy catalogues are expensive to print and expensive to send by post.
Hard copy catalogues take a lot of storage space and they are heavy to carry.
Hard copy catalogues are often out of date and do not show everything.
Landing page should not be too verbose or bombastic in appearance.
Publishing with paper is expensive and expensive is bad for the environment.
In addition, if the website visitor does not quickly find out how to get your catalogue, they will leave and you will never know whom it was.
  The Solution
"Publishing without paper is cheap, easy and good for the environment!"
Reduce your cost of paper and make an electronic edition of your catalogue.
Deliver your catalogue from the internet automatically and immediately; as soon as the customer asks for it. Collect information about your customer when he downloads your catalogue so that you can follow up and close the sale.
  The Process
Suppose a customer calls your company and asks you for a catalogue. Information must be passed to the person who sends catalogues. You pay postage, costs of the envelope, the catalogue, labor, and storage of catalogues, waste, and then your catalogue may not have the latest offering for your products, the latest price list or you may just be out of catalogues.
Finally, of course, sending free hard copy catalogues to people who are not qualified to buy your products can be very expensive.
Consider the alternative eCommerce Websites. Your customer can be told he can immediately download a full color version of your catalogue from the internet. You have cut postage, labor, storage, postage, waste, and time and opportunity costs to ZERO!
And your catalogue can be delivered immediately , to anyone, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, automatically at a mere fraction of the costs of delivering a paper catalogue!
  Distinctive characteristics of Commerce Websites
eCommerce Websites offer distinctive new features that are not technically possible with printed catalogues: interactive multimedia and online/off line ordering.
Interactive Multimedia: Multimedia objects are the building blocks of an Ecommerce Website. In addition to text and images, which are available in the realm of print, you can add sound or short movies to describe products and make your Ecommerce Website Design more dynamic.
An interactive multimedia eCommerce Website also responds to the actions of your customers as they read your eCommerce Website, and enhances their experience and understanding of your products.
Ordering Online: For your customers, online ordering is a fast, convenient alternative to traditional methods. With our Ecommerce Website Design their electronic orders are transmitted to you instantly and automatically. Online communications also provide both you and your customers with an effective and inexpensive means to handle customer service operations.
In addition, by automating your order processing operations, an online ordering system can help you reduce costs, decrease turnaround times, and speed revenue fulfillment. Finally, an automated system can handle orders around the clock at little or no additional cost.
CSTech, ecommerce website design company Delhi India offers the following advantages:
Our ecommerce website design automates your order processing operations.
Our ecommerce website design creates an online ordering system.
Our ecommerce website design reduces your costs.
Our ecommerce website design decreases turnaround time.
Our ecommerce website design helps speed revenue fulfilment.
Our ecommerce website design enables you to handle orders around the clock.
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